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Podcast #37: The Oscars Prediction Edition 2017

Listen in as we discuss the last remnant of 2016 . . its wonderful, yet mostly¬†overrated movies! Just kidding, there’s some winners, some losers, and a lot of fierce competition that we discuss as we predict the 2017 OSCARS! Continue reading

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Best Films of the Obama Years 2009-2016

As president Barack Obama takes leave of the White House, we look back at his eight years in office and list our Top 8 Films from 2009-2016. Tune in to hear our picks and arguments over what films deserve remembering from the Obama years. Continue reading

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Podcast #35: Top 10 Films of 2016

The Offbeat Inklings crew rattle off their Top 10 Films of 2016 and dig into what made the year’s best cinema. Continue reading

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Podcast #34: La La Land

La La Land is enchanting audience members worldwide, so we gathered together to dissect this charming film directed by the very impressive, Damien Chazelle. Tune in as we discuss the story, music, performances, and all the noteworthy elements of La La Land! Continue reading

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Podcast #33: Rogue One

Rogue One just hit theaters, so we weigh in on this unique contribution to the Star Wars universe. Continue reading

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Podcast #32: Christmas Movies! The Best, Worst, Underrated, and Overrated

Christmastime is a special time of year, especially for movies. Listen in as we list off the best, worst, underrated, and overrated films within the Christmas genre. Continue reading

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Podcast #31: Manchester By the Sea

On this week’s podcast, Keaton and Justin discuss one of the year’s best films, Manchester By The Sea, the latest from celebrated playwright-turned filmmaker Kenneth Lonergan. Continue reading

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Podcast #30: Dennis Villeneuve’s Arrival

Dennis Villeneuve’s Arrival is the topic of this week’s podcast. We review the film and get into the nitty gritty of the story, the filmmaking, and the difficulty of pronouncing “Villeneuve.” Continue reading

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Podcast: Hacksaw Ridge & the Violence of Mel Gibson

We review Mel Gibson’s latest film, Hacksaw Ridge, and also explore his career, both professionally and personally, looking at how violence has played an integral role in his films. We also reflect on how the election will impact films such as this. Continue reading

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Halloween’s Michael Myers tells it all in this note card confessional.

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